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About me:

Back when I was getting my courage up to start my own counseling practice, I decided to learn as much as I could about entrepreneurship: I devoured articles, books, and marketing podcasts, and invested in expert business coaching. My ambitious goal was to build an insurance-free practice, in an already-saturated market, that would still allow me to make a great living, have a sane schedule, and travel regularly. My efforts worked (yay!).

In the process, I discovered that I loved learning about all things business (I'm kind of a nerd about it). Helping others with entrepreneurship became a real passion.  I started coaching other therapists in private practice, and have since expanded my coaching to other service-driven entrepreneurs like nutritionists, money-advisors, personal trainers, and designers, to name a few. My clients have told me that not only are more confident as entrepreneurs, but they're more confident in their lives

Why do I do this?

The short answer is: it’s fun. The long answer: I found that all the lessons I learned from a) my years in the world of psychology & human-behavior, and b) my own practice-building experience & training, was incredibly useful for helping other people build their own dream businesses. As it turns out, there's a lot of overlap between therapy and business-coaching! Entrepreneurship takes a lot of gumption and courage; there is nothing like running a business to make all your “stuff” come up, especially if you're a sensitive, heart-driven entrepreneur. All the tips & strategies I can give you won’t work unless you know how to navigate the fears, assumptions, and negative stories that arise as you put those strategies into place. That's where the "Woo & To-Do" come in.(p.s. Don't worry, when I say "woo" I mean the emotional side of any change-- including improving your biz. -I won't make you read any New Age materials, and I don't over-use the words "manifesting" or “vibration”. ). Click here for more about the mindset-values that I bring to coaching. 

How Does It Work?  I spend individual time in phone-sessions with clients, focusing on both strategy and mindset issues that arise for each person's specific business and personality. I also include trainings and helpful tools, so that clients get thorough, multi-faceted support and learning.

Next Steps:  Because I enjoy focusing on individual attention in coaching, I only work with a select number of coaching clients at a time. I truly want you to have the coaching that is best for your specific needs, so:

  • First we'll schedule a complementary Consultation Call,

  • Next, I'll have you fill out a brief Clarity-Questionnaire before that call, and then

  • We'll hop on the phone and talk about you and your biz!

Ready to begin? Contact me here. 

More About Me:  As a therapist, business coach, and life coach, I love helping people navigate the path to achieving their goals for a meaningful life. I apply these principles in my own life in the mountains of Asheville, NC, where I'm an outdoorswoman, world-traveler, dog-mama, food-and-wine lover, reader, and coffee-shop connoisseur. (I'm also known for making up great puns on the fly)

Entrepreneur-life can be FANTASTIC... me "living out the metaphors" in New Zealand.

Entrepreneur-life can be FANTASTIC... me "living out the metaphors" in New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who benefits the most from coaching? The people who benefit most from working with me tend to be motivated, skilled people who may be struggling with self-doubt in their business.  Often they are getting great feedback from their clients, but tend to struggle with money-shame and people-pleasing tendencies as they take the courageous next step into their business. They want fun, freedom and prosperity in their practice, and are tired of burnout, confining parameters, and scarcity in their lives; they suspect they are damn good at what they do, but just feel nervous about investing in this belief.

What kind of person will not benefit from coaching? -People who want a quick-fix, people who aren’t truly open to letting go of their negative mindset/beliefs,  stories, or “shoulds”, people who want to be rescued from the challenges they’re facing, or people who want to keep looking for a “magic pill” or are “tire-kicking” without actually investing in themselves. If you’re ready to show up and actively participate in your growth process, we can get you where you’re going.

How does coaching work? What can I expect? Like many opportunities, what you get is what you put in. I provide support from several different angles:

  • Coaching calls provide ongoing teaching & motivation to help you achieve your ideal business.

  • Trainings provide a framework for learning and implementing both skills and mindset shifts on a regular basis, at a digestible pace, in a way that works and provides real results that can be implemented right away.

  • Tools help you to get clear on what is or isn’t working, and to move toward your goals in a way that maximizes your unique strengths.

What results can I expect? While I can’t make absolute guarantees, if you participate actively in the coaching process, you will make progress toward having an exceptional private practice or business--one where you make plenty of money, you love working with your clients, and have clients who rave about the work you do. I believe you can enjoy marketing, simplify your business systems in a way that streamlines the business side of practice, and thus have more time and money for the life you want. I also want to help you use your creativity and unique personality in your biz— to be your best self in your practice. (If you don’t feel that I’m helping you move toward having an exceptional practice, you can cancel your program within the first 30 days and get a full refund). 

Why do I need Coaching? Can’t I just do this on my own? When it comes to starting a practice or taking it to the next level, you don’t know what you don’t know. Online “freebies”, steps, and tools aren’t enough. Ongoing coaching and encouragement creates the energy and momentum that will actually get you do the reality of success.  You can have all the information in the world, but without the structure and accountability that coaching provides, it’s much harder to get to your goals. And until you shift into a mindset of investing in yourself and your business (rather than staying in “scarcity mindset”), you’re going to stay pretty stuck and make some big mistakes. 

I’m really busy and overwhelmed. How much time is involved before I get results?  Yes, it takes dedicated time, but the results are worth it. And when you invest regular time in your calls, trainings, etc., there’s so much that you’re doing that you don’t even realize is happening— you’re starting to make shifts in how you think about things, how you approach your business (your brain is doing the work even when you’re not actively in the middle of it!).  The speed at which you achieve results is very connected to how much time and energy you invest into the process.

Will there be a return on my investment? Of course, that depends on whether you actually do the work! Investing in yourself and your practice through coaching can provide a huge return on investment. Even if you just get a few more clients than you normally would have without coaching, the investment pays for itself!

How can I justify the expense? Again, you are getting a great return on the amount of support and strategy you’re getting for your investment. On a deeper level, you’re not just “spending money”, you’re investing in yourself and who you want to be in your business. And think about it: if we’re talking to clients about investing in themselves through counseling, we have to do the same for ourselves by investing in our own support, right?

 I still have some questions. Can we talk some more? Of course. Contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.