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For Therapists in (or considering) Private Practice:

Maybe your private practice is a little too… private. Or you want to make money, but don’t want to feel “greedy”, or worse, “sleazy” in your marketing (but then again, you’re afraid that if you don’t market, you’ll fail in town saturated with other therapists!). Maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Here’s the thing: It’s possible to bring more simplicity, joy, and yes, money into your private practice, all while serving your clients well. You don’t have to be salesy, or pushy, or elitist to make good money. You don’t have to barely-scrape-by to serve your community and help people. Want to learn more?


Jane Carter, LPC, Counselor & Business Coach (featured on the Abundant Practice Podcast, the Practice of the Practice Podcast, the Private Practice Startup Podcast, among others) is offering a Two Part Mini-Workshop to help you create a Profitable, Service-Driven Private Practice. Each workshop is designed to cover essential mindset and strategy issues in Private Practice in the morning, while giving you time to take what you learn and apply it to your practice planning in the afternoon.

The Profitable Private Practice:

Part I: Money Myths & Mindsets.  Make plenty of money without getting greedy or going broke. We’ll explore common myths around money in private practice, healthy Money-Mindset, Fee-setting, and Money-Habits & Systems that make your practice thrive. March 15, 9:30am-12:30pm. Register here.

Part II: Marketing with Service & Clarity.  Bring clarity to your marketing process. Declutter your approach for a marketing plan that “sparks joy” (and attracts ideal clients!). We’ll talk about how to shift your marketing-mindset so you approach marketing with a spirit of service and fun, and in a way that serves the clients you are meant to work with. April 19, 9:30am-12:30pm. Register here.

Each workshop qualifies for 3.0 NBCC-approved Continuing Education credits for Counselors, sponsored through Lenoir-Rhyne Graduate School of Counseling. Workshops are Fridays from 9:30am to 12:30pm, with afternoon “homework” to process and apply what you’ve learned! Early Bird Rate (before 3/1): $149/ea. (after 3/1 workshops are $199/ea.). Special rate for Lenoir-Rhyne Counseling students.

About the Instructor:

Jane Carter, LPC knows Private Practice. In addition to growing her own thriving counseling practice in Asheville, NC, she has been coaching therapists to create their “dream practices” for several years. Jane organized the Brew Your Practice and Brew Your Abundance practice-building events in Asheville, NC, and has been featured on The Abundant Practice Podcast, The Practice of the Practice Podcast, The Selling the Couch Podcast, the Private Practice Startup Podcast, the Practice of Therapy Podcast, the Thriving Therapist Summit, the CEO Mindset & Leadership Summit for therapists, and For a free 20-minute business consultation, contact Jane here.

Feedback from Private-Practitioner Coachees & Workshop Attendees:

“Oh my gosh! Such good stuff, so many good tips for getting out of my own way!”

“Coaching helped me to be confident in raising my fee from $100 to $150. That alone added enough revenue to pay for the coaching package. I am more confident in how I talk about my business in face to face marketing situations, networking with other providers.”

“Geeeeeeeez JANE. YOU ARE A F*&%ING GIFT. You have no idea how grateful I am for our work together.”

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