“Jane not only changed the way we see our business, but the way I see business in general. She fleshed out the beating heart and soul of our business, made us look closely and carefully at our work, and reinvigorated my commitment to what we do and how we do it.”  

lauren harr, gold leaf literary Services

"Before I started working with Jane, I knew I was good at what I did, but lacked direction on processes, my presentation on what & how I offered my services was unclear, and I didn't have a good pricing structure. Since coaching with Jane, I have clarity in what I expect from my clients & what they can expect from me, and pricing with a more deserving return for my services.  I love working with Jane because she is so knowledgeable and the way she approaches her coaching is direct, clear and full of great tools for her clients."

Camille Stimach, www.moneytrackwnc.com


"Jane is a wonderful coach to work with. She starts with your money story and then utilizes this to design the practical steps you need to take to grow your business. She is sharp, super insightful, and profoundly warm in her approach. She helped me to increase my confidence and bottom line. I recommend her highly and without reservation." 

Nathilee Caldiera,ph.d., www.talkingforwellness.com


“I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and encouragement you’ve provided. I feel like I’m in a much steadier and more confident space to move forward with my practice than before. ”

Brent Beam,ph.d., www.beamcounseling.com


“Last year, when I was ready to uplevel my practice, Jane worked with me to gain clarity and get organized. Most of all, Jane saw my strengths and helped me move toward a practice where my clients and I are getting the most out of our experience. On top of being a great listener, Jane exudes enthusiasm and warmth. I’m deeply grateful for her insight and guidance.”

Gordon Smith, LPC, www.gordonsmithasheville.com

"Jane was instrumental in helping me clarify the things that I want to focus on in my business, and with whom I want to work. She inspired me to think about my work from a different angle--one that will ensure that I get more joy in my day to day tasks and bring more joy to them as well. She also helped me assess how I can be more effective and earn more money, two things any business woman wants!" 




"I've been so lucky to have Jane as a friend and consulting colleague. I can't tell you how many ideas I've run by her to get her take, not to mention the ways her mindset magic has gotten me re-centered when I've felt freaked out. Jane's calm exterior hides an incredibly active, sharp, business-brilliant mind and a deep understanding of how we get in our own way and what to do about it. " 

Allison Puryear, Abundance Practice Building, www.abundancepracticebuilding.com

“During a season of feeling vocationally “stuck”, Jane really stepped in and helped me wrestle with and uncover some steps forward. She is both insightful and practical, demonstrating how skills and experience and passion mingle into creative professional paths. Her encouragement and guidance boosted my confidence that what I really wanted to pursue was actually possible."

ruth vann, poetic 828